Monday, October 6, 2008

In Memorium A. H. H.

The following poem is written with the same structure as Tennyson's "In Memorium A.H.H." - each stanza is four lines of iambic tetrameter rhyming abba. It's about nighttime in Jerusalem, as heard through our apartment window. Once again, I apologize for the amateur poetry, and you can skip this post if you like.

Alone I watch the evening fall
Like ink that spills across the sky
Some small mistake from G-d on high
Who wishes to erase it all

So darkness reigns throughout the land
Until the dawn, dark conquers us
A ruler that is merciless
Yet we ignore its stern command

Despite decrees that it be night
And silent darkness must now be
The darkness permits revelry
Despite the absence of the light

And so I hear the streets alive
Though darkness spreads across the sky
I hear the people passing by
The walkers walk, the drivers drive

Across the street the silver clinks
As diners laugh while downing wine
Music that I can’t divine
Blares from cars before they slink

To other streets or to their homes
And I can hear the wind blow by
A car horn honk, a baby cry
Friends meeting with the word “shalom”

The night is lively and it’s young
I listen gladly from my room
The city wakes yet fairly soon
I’ll be asleep, but hold your tongue

For I enjoy the sounds of eve
Though I’m alone in my bedroom
And in the morning I’ll resume
To love the life that I perceive

For me it is enough this time
To hear the sounds and know they’re here
And close my eyes to evening dear
Resuming life when the sun climbs

The ladder of the morning sky
And takes its place among the clouds
So birds begin to sing out loud
Announcing that it’s time to fly

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Sam & Debbie said...

I like this one because it rhymes :-)