Sunday, October 26, 2008


Unfortunately for everyone, I've decided to resume these stupid poems because the test is coming up soon. So, a Spenserian on Halloween costumes. This is the stanza Spenser created for The Faerie Queen, reduced to a simplistic and stupid rhyme about finding a Halloween costume. It is a nine-line stanza. The first eight lines are in iambic pendameter, and the final line is in iambic hexameter, which is called an alexandrine. The stanza's rhyme scheme is ababbcbcc

On Thinking of a Halloween Costume
The contents of my closet are not vast
But soon October will be at it’s end
So I must think of something, and think fast
A costume for which I won’t have to spend
A lot, but others still can comprehend
The character that I purport to be
And no polite soul need to just pretend
Smile and nod awkwardly at me
I must think of a few disguises, two or three

A lamp: dress in clothes that are all brown
And thread a cord so it hangs behind your shirt
Wear a lampshade on your head as though a crown
And clip a chain to your ear, though it might hurt
A flashlight goes inside the shade and squirt
Some yellow facepaint all over your face
You can paint pictures all over your skirt
Of flowers, rainbows, even outer space
If you have it you can even use some lace.

To be a box of popcorn is quite neat
First you need a box that’s big and tall

With holes for legs, and stockings for your feet
Paint stripes of red and white over it all
And when this work seems to be complete
Write “popcorn” at the place where the stripes meet
Glue popcorn on the box and everywhere
A lot, you’ll lose some as you walk the streets
So put some in your pockets just to spare
And if you are so brave, string popcorn in your hair!

There are many more ideas but I don’t know
How to make them work in Israel
Where to buy supplies, or where to go
For cheap clothing you don’t want to wear for real
To celebrate a day that no one knows
Or cares to know about at all, and so
I don’t know what I’ll wear but I do think
That Halloween requires a good show
So I’ll come up with something, if it stinks
At least I will have tried, and will have earned a drink.

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