Sunday, November 2, 2008

First Day of School

So the government pulled through and the strike did not have to happen, hence, I began my "autumn semester" today. Although I only had one class today - Hebrew - it was sooo good to have a reason to leave the apartment again, to speak in Hebrew, and to see all of my friends from summer ulpan. I have a lot of classes tomorrow and will write more once I've been to them, but suffice it to say that I am excited about the new semester.
To celebrate, Daniel took me out to a nice restaurant - it's in a back alley and hard to find, but is a real treasure. The restaurant doubles as a bookstore, and the walls are lined in books in Hebrew and English. Apparently, they often host poetry readings, and we hope to go back there for cultural events, and also for the excellent food! We had a giant salad (we brought some of it home for lunch tomorrow) and shakshouka (eggs in tomato sauce) with spinach. Shakshouka, by the way, is pretty excellent, and if you are ever in Israel, it is worth trying.
That's all for now - you'll hear more about my new semester tomorrow, after my marathon day of classes.


Megan said...

sounds a little like an Israeli version of Busboy's & Poets

Sam & Debbie said...

I'm mentally exhausted after just reading the description of your classes. I give you a lot of credit.