Monday, December 8, 2008

On Missing My Grandmother's Yortzheit

The great scandal of the universe
Is that all boundaries are mutable
Even the concrete becomes abstract
A person becomes only an idea
and I can't touch:
faith, joy, love, Grandma

The shake of your shoulders
Quivering of your smiling painted lips
As I tickled you - the last time
It all now has the rhythm of a story book
And I am a still cartoon little girl, nestling in your lap

Last week I was meant to remember you
But I forgot.

If death is the greatest boundary
It grows wider every day
Once I thought I could still smell your perfume
Now the scent is gone.

Today I remembered that I forgot to
Remember. And in the remembrance you seem like
A glacier melting under a gleaming sun
Though your skin was soft and warm
And your voice was smooth and sweet.


Elyse said...

Jessica, that was a truly beautiful poem in honor and memory of your beloved grandmother.

Love does not recognize boundaries, which is the redemption of the universe....

Somewhere, your grandmother feels the love shining within her wonderful granddaughter.

Sam & Debbie said...

I remember when grandma used to forget her father's yartzeit and how badly she felt and I remember thinking that she shouldn't feel badly because she thought and talked about him all the time. And in so doing kept his memory alive for all of us.

Thanks for the poem and the memories. You made me cry. (I know that impresses you)


Anonymous said...

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