Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Bread of Affliction and other Yucky Pesach Things

The kids at the preschool are finally starting to understand that my Hebrew isn't so great, even as I'm feeling more confident with Hebrew (yesterday I gave a presentation in Hebrew class that I was very proud of and am still patting myself on the back for it...) Today one of the kids corrected my Hebrew several times and seemed to get a big kick out of it, while another said to me, "Jessica, my dad taught me a song for you!" and proceeded to sing "In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight" with a thick Israeli accent. He is three years old. It was adorable. Today in preschool we also played a riveting game of "do we eat it on Passover" the results: matzah -yes, because it is matzah. hard boiled egg - yes because a long time ago when the Israelis were slaves in Egypt pharaoh made them work hard - hard work is represented by hard boiled eggs because they both have the word hard. pizza - no because it has flour, honey - no because it is sweet and we are only supposed to eat yucky things, marror - yes because it tastes bad.