Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Preschool Goodbye (Part 1)

I said goodbye today to the kids of Gan Pashosh. The teachers made a presentation to the kids, telling them that I had come all the way from America and was going home for a few days. They asked the kids, "So tell us about Jessica. What did she do here?" "she played with us." "she was our friend." "she was even your friend (to the teacher)" and then all the kids said thank you, gave me hugs and kisses, and the teachers gave me a present: a t-shirt that says 'bazooka bubble gum' in Hebrew and a booklet with drawings that all the Gan Pashosh kids made for me.

As it was the last day, I finally brought the camera and took some pictures of me and the kids outside in the playground - enjoy!

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OnlyMeyers said...

Those pictures make me want to build sand castles or play blocks with a bunch of kids. That must have been so much fun.