Thursday, February 19, 2009

Politics update.

.עידכון פוליטיקה

Announced this morning:

Yisrael Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Lieberman announced Thursday that his party would back Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel's next prime minister.

But Lieberman conditioned his support for Netanyahu on the Likud leader forging a broad coalition.

Looks like #3 is where we're headed. Unfortunately, Lieberman looks to be extremely influential in the next government:

Two days after Kadima responded positively to all of Israel Beiteinu's demands except for the initiation of a loyalty oath, Likud followed suit, agreeing to its requests to topple Hamas, change the electoral system, fund immigrants and find solutions for converts seeking an easier path into Judaism and couples seeking recognition for civil unions without a religious ceremony.

Kadima and Likud each mocked the commitments of the other for not being specific enough, but the head of Israel Beiteinu's negotiating team, MK Stas Meseznikov, said they were satisfied with the responses of both parties.

"Neither of their responses were perfect, but from the seriousness of what they wrote, we are confident that our five requests will be in the coalition guidelines, and that's what really matters to us," Meseznikov said.

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